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As a parent, you’ll always want the best for your children. Starting them out early on healthy dental practices can set them up for success when they get older. Poor dental habits can lead to yellow teeth, gum disease, and even bone loss in their jaw. While our family dentist office in Haltom City, TX,  is fully equipped to help you, here are some helpful tips to keep your child on their A-game for their teeth. 


Proper Brushing and Flossing Habits

Helping your child with correct flossing and brushing habits are two basic but important ways you can help your kid. Setting them up with a routine at a young, impressionable age will encourage continued use when they get older. Children can start flossing when they have 2 teeth that touch. If you suspect early damage or decay, call the experts at Admire Dental Haltom immediately. 


Positive Relations with Your Dentist:

Adults with fear or anxiety towards dentists will often cite these issues back to a negative experience when they were younger. Keeping your child comfortable and happy to see the dentist can dissuade these issues and prevent them from avoiding dental care in the future. As a long operating family dentist office in Haltom City, TX,  we’re very experienced with pediatric services. A child’s first dental visit is recommended to be after their first tooth comes in, or before their first birthday. We can provide a full check-up for your child to ensure their dental safety. 


In Case of Emergency:

Accidents can always happen, and knowing what to do when your child knocks a tooth out can be crucial for their benefit. This family dentist office in Haltom City, TX offers emergency dentistry, meaning they can handle any chipped, cracked, or knocked tooth you may experience. If your child experiences an extreme toothache, this may indicate they need a filling. While a cavity filling is often a procedure that requires an appointment, toothaches qualify as an emergency too. For any questions on this, feel free to call our offices at 682-717-1953. 


Healthy Dietary Choices:

Eating right is actually another form of preventive dentistry, in the sense that the wrong foods can have a harmful effect on your child’s teeth. Beverages like soda and even sugary juices can cause decay overtime, and sweets like candy can be the sole root of a cavity. Practice everything in moderation, as we know these treats can be great. However the effects you don’t see can have permanent damage on your child’s teeth, and can lead to decayed, yellow teeth. 


Parenting can be difficult, so why make dentistry even harder? When you trust us as your go-to family dentist office in Haltom City, TX you’re making the right choice for your child’s overall dental health. Find out more at our page on pediatric dentistry or call us today at 682-717-1953. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help with booking your next appointment! 

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