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Press Play below to hear about this
incredible special we are running!

About Fastbraces®

Experience the revolutionary Fastbraces® technology at Admire Dental! Fastbraces® is a cutting-edge orthodontic solution that delivers remarkable results in less time compared to traditional braces. With its innovative design, Fastbraces® can align your teeth and correct bite issues efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to long-term braces treatment and hello to a quicker path to a straighter smile. Trust the skilled team at Admire Dental to provide you with the exceptional care and transformative results you deserve with Fastbraces®.

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How Do Fastbraces® Work?

Fastbraces® work by utilizing a unique triangular bracket system and a specially shaped square wire. Unlike traditional braces that move teeth in two stages (root movement followed by crown movement), Fastbraces® employ a groundbreaking technique that allows for simultaneous root and crown movement from the beginning of treatment. This approach helps to expedite the orthodontic process, reducing treatment time significantly. By utilizing gentle forces, Fastbraces® efficiently reposition the roots and crowns of teeth, resulting in a faster and more efficient orthodontic experience.

Fastbraces® vs. Traditional Braces

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