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Whether you’re looking to improve your appearance or decrease your health risks, a good Haltom City dental center can provide expert help with teeth cleaning or teeth whitening. Both of these procedures can improve your dental health as well as your confidence. Having stained and dirty looking teeth can put a damper on your appearance, and might cause some confidence issues within yourself. When you want to improve your appearance and your dental health, we highly recommend teeth whitening for those who need it.

Admire Dental of Haltom City is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients. While preventive care is one of the most important parts of dental procedures, improving your smile after stains and discoloration is also in the job description. Here at this Haltom City dental center, we offer a specific brand of whitening called KöR® Whitening. This involves using custom-made trays for an at home technique while you sleep. Simply add the provided gel to the trays and apply to your teeth. This process will typically take two weeks, with in-office procedures as well to provide additional support. These trays are designed to be light and thin, making them feel comfortable when applied to your teeth. We know you’ll see results after completion and our staff will continue to provide instructions and help so you maintain the beautiful appearance of your new smile as long as possible.

If teeth whitening isn’t your priority but you still want to maintain a healthy smile, professional teeth cleaning is always an option. However, maintaining proper dental hygiene habits is always required to ensure your teeth are at their best. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day can prevent a slew of dental issues down the road. Removing basic plaque will decrease the likelihood of dental diseases, but we’ll take it one step further. When you come in for a professional teeth cleaning appointment from this Haltom City dental center, we guarantee you’ll receive amazing results.

Avoiding certain foods or habits can also play a huge role in keeping your teeth clean and your smile bright. Smoking can be detrimental to your oral health, and can cause discoloration and stains more than any other poor habit out there. Drinking wine and soda can also have negative impacts, as well as sugary foods. While these taste amazing, consumption in moderation should always be your goal if you’re trying to look your best. For questions on what foods or drinks to avoid, speak to your dentist at your next appointment with our Haltom City dental center.

We know some patients may have anxiety when visiting a dentist. Dental work can be scary, and a previous negative experience may result in a phobia of dentists. At Admire Dental of Haltom City, we know how nervous people can be for new procedures. We strive to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for all our patients. For more information on our teeth whitening procedure, visit https://admiredentalhaltom.com/contact-us/ or call us today at 682-717-1953.

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