Children are always more prone to diseases than adults, which is why this family dentist office in Haltom City TX strives to prevent dental issues before they arise. Keeping your child from contracting gum disease or cavities should always be the number one goal, as dentistry is usually about preventing problems before they start. We know your child can’t always be at the dentist, which is why you should know how to look out for your child’s dental health on your own. Here are some tips to make sure their bit is as strong as ever, and what to look out for.

Signs of a Cavity:

As a parent, you’ll always be looking out for your kid, but even with all the proper brushing and flossing techniques, cavities can still be an issue. You’ll need to look out for these signs if you suspect your child to have a cavity.

  1. Child complains about toothaches or pains: This is a simple one, but can sometimes be dismissed as growing pains. Random tooth pains can be common when there’s decay within your child’s teeth, and recognizing it is step one.
  2. Dark spots on your child’s teeth: If these spots can’t be brushed away, it’s safe to assume there’s an issue. Dark spots are indicative of a cavity forming and need to be addressed right away. Our family dentist office is fully equipped to deal with cavities and should be your only stop for pediatric dentistry.

Early Gum Disease:

While serious gum disease is uncommon in children, gingivitis isn’t. This is the more mild version of the disease and can be often treated with the right family dentist office in Haltom City. You’ll want to learn how to identify early signs of this to prevent serious damage down the road.
-Dark Gums: Dark or discolored gums can be an easy sign for gingivitis. You’ll frequently see this with children that don’t brush frequently and are exposed to more bacteria than usual.
-Child complains about sensitive gums: If your child’s gums are easily irritated, call us immediately. Gums that are quick to bleed aren’t healthy and should be investigated at the first possible chance.

Establishing a positive relationship between your child and their dentist is one of the most important parts about dental work. Adults that have fear or anxiety about dentists will often cite this back to a negative experience when they were younger. As an expert family dentist, we know how important first impressions can be. Our staff are heavily trained to work with children as well as adults and can provide the best care around for your loved ones.

For more information on our pediatric dentistry services, visit our section about pediatrics on our website at If you have any immediate or emergency questions for this family dentist office in Haltom City TX, give us a call at 682-717-1953. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about caring for your child’s dental needs.

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