When you’re in severe pain and are seeking out an emergency dentist in Haltom City, having access to a dentist that’s experienced in dental emergencies is crucial. Today, we’ll be going through some common dental emergencies, their symptoms, and what you can do in the meantime between an accident happening and your next appointment with us.

1: Pain or Swelling in the Gums: This is one of the early signs that you may have a tooth or gum infection. Finding the exact issue and cause of a toothache can be difficult on your own, so contacting an emergency dentist in Haltom City ASAP is key. Your toothache could be a sign of an infection that could grow into a more severe problem if not treated immediately. Ignoring a recurring or intense toothache can lead to serious gum disease or a loss of a tooth.

2: Extreme Tooth Pain: This dental emergency is very much dependent on an individual’s pain tolerance. The pain from a terrible toothache can’t really be explained, but we’ll do our best. You’ll feel a throbbing or continuous pain all the way from the back of the tooth to the jaw bone. It can feel like you’re in the process of having a tooth ripped right out of its socket. We typically see this in a tooth that’s been decaying for a while, or a more immediate and obvious situation, such as a chipped or cracked tooth.

3: Chipped, Missing, or Broken Teeth: One of the most painful dental emergencies is when your teeth are cracked or broken. This requires immediate help from an emergency dentist in Haltom City because there may be time to still save your teeth. If you have a tooth knocked or fall out, it can be preserved and reattached to its same socket. This isn’t the same with chipped or broken teeth. The pain experienced can be worse than anything we’ve already described.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, then seeking out an emergency dentist in Haltom City could save your oral health. If you suspect you’re suffering from gum disease or you are experiencing toothaches, toughing it out is a terrible idea. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, and dental treatment can alleviate your pain. It’s better for everyone involved to deal with this problem quickly instead of doing nothing about it and waiting until it has gotten worse.

We welcome any patient experiencing a dental emergency, however we’re not always available 24/7. That being said, we can offer assistance over the phone with any dental issue you come across if it’s outside of our extended business hours. We’re able to provide same day appointments often and strive to relax our patients in their time of need.

For more information about our dental emergency policies, visit our “About Us” page at https://admiredentalhaltom.com/meet-our-doctor/. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or stress due to a problem with your teeth, call this emergency dentist in Haltom City now at 682-717-1953.

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