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At Admire Dental, our group practice offers high quality dental care when performing any service. Our Haltom City family dental practice makes diagnosis and treatment comfortable and efficient.

Our dentists will make your visit at our Haltom City family dental practice enjoyable. At Admire Dental Haltom, we know how important it is to have your pearly whites look appealing to the eye. Our practice located in Haltom City TX is the best practice to get your implant.

Our Haltom City family dental practice also specializes in invisalign, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry. Admire Dental is also reliable in treating Halitosis and can assist you with any of your surgical questions and treatments. Bacteria and plaque are common causes of Halitosis and a dentist at Admire can help you with your treatment.

Dr. Shiv Kohli and Dr. Ashitey and are reliable and educated on each and every one of your dental needs. Dr. Shiv Kohli and Dr. Ashitey are educated and knowledgeable in pediatric dentistry in addition to oral surgery.

In the case of your child having a dental emergency, our office should be contacted immediately. Healthy gums and teeth are important to your child’s oral health. Our Haltom City family dental practice offers fluoride treatments for your child.

In addition to pediatric services, Admire Dental also offers Scaling and Root Planing services. This procedure prevents gingivitis and early gum disease from advancing and getting worse. Scaling is when the dentist uses a scraping instrument to thoroughly remove the plaque.

Admire Dental wants you to save while receiving exceptional dental services. Your oral health is a priority to our office. Admire Dental’s online promotions will help you save when planning your next visit.

Here at Admire Dental, we offer competitive pricing and special promotions. We want to provide you with the best dental treatments at a reasonable cost.

Our coupons are available for any emergency or new patient visit. At Admire Dental, we encourage you to preserve and help your adult teeth grow into and stay in your mouth. Sometimes when a tooth is very damaged, we have to extract a tooth. Dr. Kohli and Dr. Ashitey are professionally trained in tooth extractions.

In addition to Tooth extractions, Admire Dental in Haltom City specializes in Wisdom Tooth removal. Wisdom tooth removal and the treatment of TMJ are no problem for our dentists. Wisdom tooth removal is necessary if the patient has wisdom teeth growing sideways trapped underneath the gum and bone.

The doctor will first take X-rays of your mouth to see if you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. It is recommended by dentists that you get your examination during the teenage, early 20s years. The extraction can be done under general or local anesthesia.

Aside from wisdom tooth removal, Haltom City Dentists also perform Lumineers to our patients. Lumineers are a popular alternative to implants in the dental community. Lumineers only take two appointments and will make your smile more appealing to the eye.

The doctor starts by taking a mold of your teeth that will be made into custom veneers. After molding your teeth the dentist selects a tooth colored shade.

Composite Veneers is also a service that our Haltom City Dentists can assist patients with. With Dental bonding, a tooth colored shade will be placed and bonded on top of it. This tooth-resin that is bonded to the tooth is hardened with a special curing light.

Invisalign is the perfect alternative to braces. Our Haltom City Dental practice performs Invisalign for an affordable cost. Invisalign is designed to be an orthodontic alternative for teenagers and adults.

Many adults and teenagers desire the straighter teeth without the challenges of traditional braces. If you need any orthodontic or dental services, please contact our office in Fort Worth (682) 350-9832 to book an appointment.

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