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At our Haltom City dental center, we find it very important that you are as healthy as ever after your wisdom tooth Surgery. After your surgery, we recommend you use a syringe 3-5 days after eating and rinse your sockets out with warm salt water. The salt water will be soothing to your sockets. We recommend that you keep rinsing until the holes are fully closed to dislodge any food pieces and prevent an infection.

Expect bleeding and oozing 5-7 days after your surgery, which is completely normal, and right after surgery, use gauze on your extraction sites and bite down in order to put pressure on the sites. Keep pressure on the sites with the gauze for 3-5 minutes until the bleeding ceases.

Do not smoke, spit or drink through a straw right after surgery, due to the fact that you may get a dry socket which is an extremely painful post- operative condition. Dry socket can affect wisdom tooth surgery recovery time and become apparent 5-7 days after surgery.

24-48 hours after surgery, make sure to apply an ice pack on and off every 15 minutes in order to avoid swelling to increase. Be sure to keep your mouth clean, and when brushing your teeth do not brush directly over the extraction site for 3-5 days. It is imperative to Haltom City dentists that you keep a clean mouth for a safe recovery in order to prevent infection. Avoid foods such as rice, for the small pieces can get stuck in a socket and lead to a severe infection.

Haltom City dental center recommends that you prevent dry socket by avoiding cigarettes, cigars, e cigarettes, and other forms of tobacco 3-5 days after surgery. Do not rinse your mouth or spit, when brushing brush very carefully and try not to rupture the stitches.

Haltom City dental center recommends that you do not pull your stitches out , the stitches will fall out or dissolve by themselves. We recommend you stick to soft foods such as pudding, apple sauce, mashed potatoes and broths for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Once your stitches fall out and your holes start to build tissue, you can start moving to more solid food gradually.

Make sure to let our oral surgeons know if you are on any medications or have any allergies to specific medications. Our dental offices want to provide you with high quality dental care and a wide range of exceptional services.

Your oral health is a priority to our Haltom City dental center. We’re happy to offer affordable and convenient dental services. Services include cosmetic dentistry, implants, wisdom tooth surgery, periodontics, and Invisalign.

Our surgeons will come up with a treatment plan best fit for your needs. We hope that you have a healthy and safe recovery, to book an appointment, call 682-201-9757 or visit our website. We look forward to treating you and your family at your next dental clinic appointment.

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